Airfield Information network for pilots.
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Search and update information about airfields.

All the information in your device


Flying Club is a free, easy to use application for pilots providing information about airfields, but also allowing to complete and share the information of those airfields with the users of Flying Club App.

For each airfield you can find and edit the following information

  • Basic info such as name, coordinates, ICAO identifier…
  • Runways including length, TORA, LDA, circuit information…
  • Radio Frequencies
  • Contact information (phone numbers, websites, emails)
  • Fuel availability
  • Food & Drink availability on the airfield or nearby
  • Procedures
  • Additional information of interest

METAR information is also retrieved automatically and decoded. If there is no METAR information available on the airfield, the nearest METAR information will be displayed. Flying Club also allows to put a score rating on each airfield and log your visits to each airfield.



Access to all the airfields information


Update the information of the airfields that you know so other users can have up to date information and know in advance the local procedures and contact information.


Share your experience with the diferent airfields, log your visits and rate your experience with the airfield.